When starting with SixFigureMentors one of the Exercises is to think about what an ideal day will look like for you? Not the most amazing or spectacular day, but one of the more ordinary.

This exercise was very motivating for me, and I realised that my days were pretty far from what I wanted my days to look like. I usually got up 5,30 jumped into the shower, coffee, had some breakfast very stressed because

I had a long drive to my sales district (about 2 hours) so did not want to get stuck in the traffic. Coming home 12 hours later, tired, summarised the sales of the day and reported to head office…..

Then maybe cook some dinner for my girlfriend and spend the time that was left of the day with my daughter… Same things the next day.

Are you living life like this, STOP,  you can change that if you have the desire to change!

Sitting by a beautiful river looking at the Fisherman and knowing that I’m tasting a piece of my ideal day. Wooohooo 🙂

I was so close to accepting the fact that this was the way that my life was going to look like because bills to be paid and so on.

And I had tried some different jobs, built up my own company, and also worked with some MLMs. SO the belief in myself and that I was going to build a business online was not very high when I found SixFigureMentors.

But after I joined this community with like-minded people with very different goals and experiences from before the belief in my self, started to grow.

I could talk to people in this community that was starting their journey with SixFigureMentors, and people that’s been working 1 year 2 years 5 years. So I did understand that if they could do it, I could!

And the exercise of writing down my IDEAL DAY was a big eye-opener for me. Why shouldn’t I be able to live my life doing the things and be with the people I want?

I realised that I hadn’t been fishing, playing golf, badminton, tennis and all of these activities I love. Why? Yea because of all the chasing for money and opportunities.

So ask your self what your ideal day will look like?


I wrote this as my ideal day:

“I wake up when my body wants to. It varies,  now I wake up early, and it fits perfectly. My insights lately have made me calm down when it comes to “circumstances” the insight that I can feel good and be happy regardless of circumstances is relaxing. I love nature and the sea, so the house we have now with the sea view and a pier at the beach is amazing. The part of the year we spend in Sweden is mostly spring and summer; I take my morning coffee down at our pier. The feeling of freedom to do whatever we want is amazing, many times it’s just Me Daniela and Emelina in our paradise. The house has  spa and gym,  after coffee and breakfast, I usually do my workout and listen to music 🙂 like simply the best with Tina Turner  :-))
I have learned to create income online which is amazing, no more worrying about time or money freedom. I share my story with others who are interested in it, and I have the opportunity to point them in the right direction. I’m calmer and more inspired than ever. I read more about space, nature and get more and more fascinated by it. I have the opportunity now to spend more time with friends and family when I feel like, love the spontaneity that if we want to pack the bags and travel away. We often do that,  just a few days to get some environmental change 🙂
It becomes clearer and clearer that the choices we make when you choose and act from the heart everything get so much easier! The evening is amazing and I Barbecue as usual! A nice glass of red wine in my hand and the meat on the grill. When Emelina fell asleep, Daniela and I go out on the balcony again and down in our outdoor hot tub, and stare at the stars and talk about how we changed our life and future for our family! “

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It has the potential to Change Your Life 🙂




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