How To Be Effective And Organized When Working From Home

When I started building our Online-Business from home I did not have any particular working structure or plan; I just enjoyed the feeling that I didn’t have any boss, office, or customers waiting for me. I could sit on the sofa with the computer in my lap, kitchen table, or even laying in bed working on my computer!

Today a couple of months later I have some insights and Tips that will make you more productive and structured when building and starting your Online-Business.


Ensure that you have a Working-Space

If you have a separate room that is the best, if not be creative. I have my working area in the kitchen now (picture below), we live in a small apartment, so it was the best solution for now. In my breaks, I have close to the fridge and could even do the dishes and make coffee in my pauses! And a great Office Chair! I haven’t got mine yet (as you can see in the picture) it will arrive any day now!

Plan your day and week as detailed as possible

Today I make a 5 point list 40 minutes before I go to sleep. When I wake up, I don’t need to think about where to start my day I just dig right into the most important task on my list. The 5 Point list is most often a mix of, income producing activities, study, and workout.

Before I started to plan my days I could sit in front of my computer until I had headake, pain in my back and was very hungry, so make sure you charge your body and brain with great food and lots of water.

And of course, when you have the Freedom of being your own Boss you can be very flexible

We go shopping when it’s the least people in the store, working out at the gym in the middle of the day and so on. Balance is the best, and with a schedule and plan we got so much more productive and saved lots of time and frustration.

You know what fits your day and life best this is what I did, and believe me when I say it almost never gets as planned, but we try to stay organized!

And remember when you have built up your Online Business and its up and running you will have all the time you want to do the things you like to do.

When you are getting started with your business a daily plan and structure will speed up your results.

And when having a 6-month-old baby at home, it’s GREAT to be flexible she is the BOSS in this house from now on 🙂

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