People often say that before their big breakthrough they had to fight the most significant hurdles and obstacles, and when I look back, this is so true in my life to.

Seven years ago I was working in an MLM company besides of my regular business, and I was doing pretty good and was on fire!

I had a contact in the USA, and he gave me a list of names in Sweden (that is where I live) that he knew and wanted me to contact. He was working in my downline and was my friend from childhood. He is a gym owner and a famous MMA fighter in Los Angeles, he was born in Sweden and moved to the USA in his twenties that is how I knew him.

I started meeting these people and what I did not know at that time was that I met my future Partner in Life Daniela.

So this is what happened…

My friend in the USA told me about this girl that was born in Chile and lived in Sweden since she was one year old. He said that she had the right energy and could be a good match for our business.

I brought my sponsor, and we met up at a cafe in Gothenburg Sweden…
She was stunningly beautiful, energetic and the girl of my dreams. I did not say much, I just thought that she was far out of my league. I have no idea what we talked about 🙂 and forgot entirely about the business.

I called Daniela a couple of days after this meeting and wanted to see if she was interested in our business, but we never met up again until…

2015 I was Single and did what most singles do these days (i guess) I used Tinder 🙂 and to be honest I was so tired of using it that I decided that I was going to uninstall the app. Before I did that I did one last check :-), and there she was! The girl from the cafe many years ago, I couldn’t believe that she was single, but I SWIPED RIGHT!

And after a week or so we connected, and I did still believe that she was far out of my league (i still do)! After texting back and forth for some days, we decided to meet up 🙂 and go for dinner.

I did know, and told my friends that we were going to meet up and that this is my future wife! I did know it and felt it in my soul.

We booked our dinner Friday 13 haha let’s say we challenged everything. Before the 13th we decided to meet up for a quick coffee, I guess we wanted to do a quick check before our real date!

The quick coffee went fine, and dinner Friday The 13th even better!
Since that day we have been a couple. We had dinner for 4-5 hours and just a few days after this dinner we moved together, and today 2,5 years later we have a daughter and are building our Online-Business together.


I am forever thankful that I worked with MLMs I met my Girlfriend and lots of other interesting people.

Today working as an Affiliate for SixFigureMentors is such a big difference from MLM. No more recruiting, writing lists, selling stuff to friends and family! Online there is enough business for all of us if we set up our business the right way!

I don’t know who or what is in charge, maybe some call it God others Destiny. I don’t care what it is, but I know that life takes care of us if we put ourselves out there and go for what we want in life.

So MLM and Tinder changed my life forever 🙂

You never know whats around next corner!



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