2 months after starting our online business with SixFigureMentors as affiliates we made our first sale! That feeling was AMAZING logged in to the SFM back-office and there it was a sale! It has happened while we were sleeping because it was from the other side of the world Australia and we live in Sweden. It became so real now when we understood that someone had actually liked our video on Youtube clicked the link and got started with SixFigureMentors! If we got 1 sale we can get hundreds. That is the beauty of online business when you got something that works you scale it up!


If someone told us 2 months ago that we would have built a website, recorded videos, have a blog, and even made ads and put out online I would not believe in them! I was the one that barely used Facebook and absolutely had no experience with computers and marketing online. If we can do it You can too!


Compared to before working with classic sales trading away my time for money and always chasing, my solution was of course to build my own “classic” sales company and leverage other peoples time and sales. And believe me, when I say what I got building a company with 20 employees and products to deliver, salaries to be paid, customers to satisfied and so on and on, was ABSOLUTELY NOT time and money freedom. 3 years after we started this company we went bankrupt. I learned so much after this period in my life, also lost everything (economically).

The  Positive changes in our Life after we joined SixFigureMentors and started to build our Online business is amazing. No More trading away time for money!
And the Comunity of like-minded people and Mentors is priceless always someone to reach out to whatever question or advice we are seeking.

Check out SixFigureMentors you will get access to the BackOffice and training we use to build our business Online and also meet our Mentors!



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