One of my biggest fears and I guess lots of other people have that same fear…….PUBLIC SPEAKING……

I read somewhere that death has place NR2 in what people fear, and public speaking NR1….

So for me to challenge that fear was a big victory and a proud moment..
Speaking to 250+ people in English, my native language is Swedish. 

And I survived.

My lesson and point sharing this are that  I did turn down so many situations and opportunities because of FEAR in my life.

I even said NO to one of my best friends to be his best man at his wedding only because of my fear of public speaking.

That’s one of my biggest regrets in life, embarrassed…..

When one of my mentors walked up to me in the bar the night before the BIG event and told me that he wanted me on stage sharing my story and results…..

I almost fainted, and my old thinking pattern screamed NOOOOO I rather die…

This time I was so tired of being scared, so I left my beer on that bar said YES and went up to my hotel room.

I slept almost nothing that night…My heart was pounding and I even took up my phone and was about to text my mentor and tell him that I can’t do it…..anything but not stage.

I did not listen to that voice this time.

Next day I was sitting in the audience for hours with my heart pounding and FINALLY, it was time…

I survived I did might even get a laugh out of the public! 

It might seem small and not important, for me, it was an act of HUGE revenge. 

I did prove to myself that that covered inner voice is not for real.
From that day I told that voice to  F+**c off!

And one insight I got that day is that IT NEVER IS ABOUT THE CIRCUMSTANCES it’s your thought about the circumstance.

Some people love public speaking some hate it.

You can always find someone who loves the specific situation and someone that freaks out just thinking about the exact same situation or circumstance.

So from that day I still have the voice and I will probably never love public speaking, but I DO NOT TAKE THAT VOICE FOR REAL ANY LONGER.

That has helped me take steps I never thought I would!

Please don’t listen to that voice telling you that you can’t or that you’re not good enough blah blah blaa

Let us make it a ride to remember! Be brave and follow our hearts!


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