This last year I have been asked this ONE question so many times:

How did you manage to create a successful business Online and work full time at the same time and having a newborn baby at home?!?!?

The answer is…I have NO idea…..

Hahaha just kidding

What made me take the decision to STOP NOW walking down the same path I had been on for over 20 years and make the change ONCE and for all was:

  • I was sick and tired of chasing money and being away all day long from my newborn daughter.
  • I had no time to enjoy my own hobbies, fishing, travel and sports.
  • I had spent 20 years “working hard” and realised that I wasn’t close to my goal of time and money freedom, I was still trading my personal time for money.
  • Some of my colleagues, older than me still chased that “dream” of living a life of their own terms so why would that be different for me if I continued down the same path?

What opened my eyes to what’s possible was the company SFM founded and owned by Stuart and Jay, check it out here access them by clicking here.

SFM helped me realize that I could build a business online without computer experience, marketing experience, or any great idea.

What I needed was the willingness to change and learn new skills.

After I watched the Video Series, I filled out the SixFigureMentors Application.

I filled out the application to take a more close look at what SFM offers.

I wanted to talk to one of their business coaches to get guidance and advice on how to achieve my goal, to be able to decide over my time, and what kind of income I could create as a member of SFM.

I got so on fire and felt that THIS IS IT finally I am going once and for all create the lifestyle I always dreamt of. So after I had my call with the SFM business coach I decided to do this for real no matter what.

I have invested both time and money, I am writing this 15 months after I filled out the application, I managed to quit my sales job 6 months after I filled out the application and got to work!

Access the Application Here

A disclaimer! Results are different for all of us, the same rules as going to the gym buying a membership are one thing, what really matters are the work you put in.

I managed to spend like 10-12 hours/week on creating my online business.

I worked fulltime at the same time in my sales job when creating my online business, and coming home spending a couple of hours with my daughter, and then I worked on my education and business with SFM.

Whatever your goals and dreams are I think it so often about HOW we earn our income.

We have been taught in school, by our parents and the whole society today that we should get a great education, work hard to earn money, be safe in a large company, and I guess being proud over our career….

hmmm sounds not like the way I want to spend my time here on earth….

Times are changing, today we all now that the Internet and technology are changing businesses, how we search for information, and even how we interact with each other, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder…..

And AI wooow revolutionizing and changing many sectors and replacing humans doing the same job more effective and even cheaper sometimes.

Good or Bad that’s another question, but facts are:

THIS CREATES OPPORTUNITY, the skills I have learned as a member of SFM about online marketing, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and self-development are priceless.

I feel so much safer with this kind of skill, I know now and think of business and money in a whole different way!

It is very possible for all of us to STOP trading away our precious time for money.

Online, systems, tools, mentorship, community, people, skills….

So again how you want to spend your time and life only YOU can answer, my guess is that if you could spend time more on your own terms not worrying about money or what your boss or colleagues think maybe you would do different things and live life in another way then you are doing right now?

Access the Application here

Have a great day!


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