Whoops, I am turning 40 years old in about one month!

It’s time to look at the benefits…..

To be honest, it’s sometimes hard to understand that I am about to be as I would have said when I was in my twenties “an old man.”

About two years ago I had a work colleague that was 20years old, and I was 38. It felt so strange when I realized that if I would have become a father at the same age that my dad was when I was born, I could be my colleague’s father! In my mind, I felt as we were about the same age.

One night after a having a couple of beers together I had to ask him how he looked at me and my age, and this is what he replied with a little-slurred voice after the beers:

“Magnus hahaha I like you”

That was all I got so I don’t know what he meant with that; we are still friends today, so I’m keeping my spirit younger, and he can get fatherly advice from me 🙂

I’m trying to figure out the benefits of being middle age compared to be young again, and that was kind of hard to do, here is the list I came up with:


  1. You are a “Free Bird” your mother does (hopefully) not tell you when to go to bed
  2. You can buy what silly thing you decide to if you have the cash
  3. Some people look at you as a “grown up”
  4. If you have children you can raise them and hopefully give them your knowledge and insights
  5. If you have tried and “failed” if you don’t STOP you are probably close to your breakthrough
  6. You know that people don’t care that much about you as you thought in your 20
  7. Your “experience” sometimes wins over young enthusiasm
  8. You have a bigger understanding of other people and other peoples opinions
  9. You have seen the technology and used it live in the 80-90s (tape, cd, VHS, phone booth)
  10. You have experienced many of the “real” Rockstars (Twisted Sister, KISS, Michael Jackson, Prince, Tina Turner…….


I would love your help get more benefits of being middle age 🙂 comment below and let’s grow the list and prevent ANY middle age crisis

I will continue to fight the aging by eating healthy, exercise and hope that the scientist comes with a solution so I can be at least 130 years old.  We have a famous scientist in Sweden that believes that the first 1000-year-old human is born if she is right maybe you and I will live for at least 100 years. It’s time to think of how we will earn our income. My guess is that the pension won’t be enough.

The tech and computer sector is developing so fast; we can’t probably even imagine what the world looks like in 10, 20, 30 years from now on. The exponential effect is going to be crazy, here is a list of some things that changed the past 100 years

So here is my conclusion and path forward:

It could have been much worse (not turning 40). I will live my life full out and don’t fall into the trap that I have to stop dreaming and trying no matter my age or what people is saying to me.

I will not settle for the ordinary and let my life pass by without enjoying it.

Age does not have to kill your dream and stop you from trying, again and again, no matter what “people” say to you.

I will continue to follow my heart and gut feelings and be thankful to be alive every single day in this LIFE.


Turning 40 with pride and power!



Another difference is the grocery shopping….. tomatoes and diapers……

(we have a 6-month-old daughter)


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