Quit my job and build up my Online Business in less than one year

Eight months ago (May 2017) I was so tired and unfulfilled. Did not like my job and was feeling almost out of hope. I Almost accepted that J.O.B because of I had “failed so much in my life.” And I listen to people around me telling that it is time to grow up and stop dreaming of a life of freedom.

I clicked a Youtube ad when I was searching for motivational videos to keep me going and trying to find meaning and motivation. I was very sceptical and had never before clicked an ad like that, and I almost took no action on that message in the ad…

Today 10 months after I clicked that ad I have built up an online-business, quit my job, made lots of new friends. And are excited about my future. And finally, I decide over my time.

Looking back I feel like a fly that was trying to fly out the window all my life, banging my head to the closed window and only a few inches beside of me there has been an open window all the time.

If I could do it you can too

Do not be fooled by you’re own negative and doubtful voice or any friends, family telling you that, you are a dreamer and naive!!

I understand that Online-Business is not the answer to every problem out there!

But I do think and have proven to myself that it is possible to create a successful business in less than a year without any experience of computers or marketing!

And I do think that lots of “problems” and “unfulfillment” come down to us not believing that there is another possibility for us.

Stop banging your head at the same closed window

If you feel like that fly banging your head against the closed window, maybe you should try another window.

Creating a business working for you helping you free up your time gives you the opportunity to listen to your needs and dreams!

Six-figure mentors helped me fly out the window, if you want to see if an online-business is something you like to create, please click the link below and fill out the Application for the SFM academy.

SFM Academy application here


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