In 20 Years Every Second Job Will Be Automated

Times are changing, and they are changing very fast. I didn’t know how super FAST technology developed today. Just these past days I have read books and articles about Elon Musk, and I am amazed what we humans can do and have done.

Today we have self-driving cars, robots replacing humans in probably more areas than you believe. Elon Musk and SpaceX are making it more and more available to fly to space for a fraction of what that used to cost. What will that mean to humankind in the future will Elon be able to move humans to Mars?

I read an article about what jobs that were in direct competition with robots and new technology.

The list is from a Swedish paper, so I used “google translate” so sorry if some of the jobs look strange 🙂

Are you in the danger zone? What is your plan for the future?

77 jobs that will be automated in 20 years

  1. Photo models and others 98.0%
  2. Accounting and Accountants 97.0%
  3. Machine operators, wood industry 97.0%
  4. Library assistants and others 96.6%
  5. Cashier and others 95.3%
  6. Assistants in agriculture, garden, forestry and fishing 95.0%
  7. Other machine operators and fitters 94.8%
  8. Retailers; retail; Demonstrators, etc. 94.4%
  9. Market and Retailers 94.0%
  10. Other office staff 94.0%
  11. Cleaning and recycling workers 93.0%
  12. Office secretary and data registrar 92.2%
  13. Fitters 91.4%
  14. Engineer 90.2%
  15. Machine operators, rubber and plastic industries 89.8%
  16. Lokförare m.fl. 89.6%
  17. Accounting economist, administrative assistants, etc. 89.3%
  18. Process Operators at Steel or Metal Works 89.0%
  19. Kitchen and restaurant services 88.6%
  20. Household and restaurant staff 88.4%
  21. Furniture cutter, model maker and others. 87.9%
  22. Forge, tool maker and others. 87.1%
  23. Butchers, bakers, pastries, etc. 87.1%
  24. Ore processing operators, well drillers and others 86.8%
  25. Machine operators, chemical engineering 86.2%
  26. Process operators, chemical-based distillery 85.0%
  27. Coal workers in construction 84,8%
  28. Castors, welders, plate makers and others. 84.1%
  29. Process operators, glass, and ceramics 83,3%
  30. Agents, intermediaries, etc. 81.7%
  31. Tire staff 81.2%
  32. Machine operators, graphic industry, paper goods industry 81.1%
  33. Turners, glass cabinets, decorators and others. 80.6%
  34. Vehicle drivers 80.1% 614 foresters 79.8%
  35. Warehouse and transportation assistants 78.8%
  36. Letter carrier and others 78.6%
  37. Machine operators, metal and mineral treatment 78.4%
  38. Goods Managers and Expressions 77.9%
  39. Machine operators, food industry, etc. 76.8%
  40. Machine operators, textile, leather and leather industries 75.7%
  41. Painters, lacquers, chimney sweepers and others. 75.5%
  42. Process operators, wood and paper industry 75.0%
  43. Newspaper Distributors, Guardian, etc. 74.6%
  44. Graphics and others 74.5%
  45. Customer Information 73.4%
  46. Construction Workers 73.0%
  47. Mining, dockworkers, and rockers 72.2%
  48. Sellers, buyers, brokers and others. 71.2%
  49. Other service workers 71.1%
  50. Hand packers and other factory workers 70.3%
  51. Biomedical analyst 68.7%
  52. Machine and engine repairers 66.7%
  53. Tailor, cutter, wallpaper maker, etc. 65.5%
  54. Security personnel 65.4%
  55. Cleaners, etc. 64.4%
  56. Drivers etc. 63.7%
  57. Animal breeders  63.4%
  58. Growers and livestock farmers, mixed operations 63.4%
  59. Fishermen and hunters 62.4%
  60. Resevärdar m.fl. 62.3%
  61. Growth farmers in agriculture and garden 61.1%
  62. Electricians, telecom and electronics repairers, etc. 57.2%
  63. Engineers and technicians 56.4%
  64. Archives, Libraries, etc. 50.4%
  65. Garvare, skinnare og skomakare 50,3%
  66. Construction Workers 49.5%
  67. Business economists, marketers and civil servants 46.2%
  68. Finmekaniker m.fl. 42.4%
  69. Security and quality inspectors 40.5%
  70. Craftsmen in wood, textile, leather, etc. 37.2%
  71. photographers; Audio and video technicians, hospital technicians and others 36.6%
  72. Industrial robot operators 36.0%
  73. Physiotherapists, dental hygienists, and others 35.8%
  74. Care and care staff 34.1%
  75. Customs, taxation and social security officers 33.0%
  76. Pilots, ship masters etc. 32.1%
  77. Computer technicians and data operators 30.2%

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