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Magnus Engdahl

entrepreneur and founder


I live in Sweden with my girlfriend Daniela and our two daughters Emelina and Novalie.

My primary goal has always been and still is to enjoy my life and be my own boss. Time and money freedom.

Working with sales and building businesses for 20 years direct sales, B2B, MLM, and building my own sales company with 20 employees,  I understand now that all of these opportunities just took me further away from my goal.

Today I have built up multiple income streams online as an affiliate, my purpose today is to help entrepreneurs and people that looking for ways to get started online to free up time and earn commissions, get started fast  and leverage my knowledge and experience.

//Magnus Engdahl-Torres

Daniela Torres

entrepreneur and founder


As a musical artist, I used to spend my days either turning every penny to survive while running to auditions or having a great paid job that every day finished with applauses. It meant that I had to move all the time, and after a couple of years of that, I decided to study to be a Vocal Coach and graduated 2016. Music is and will always be my passion, but my dream since I can remember was to have a family. 2017 our daughter was born and my whole life changed and with that my priorities. I have such a great responsibility now, and I want to do everything in my power to be there for her whenever she needs me. My goal now is to work with music when I want to and not because I have to. Online business will give me the ability to choose, and that for me is FREEDOM.   


To help ourselves and as many other human beings as possible, live a life of fulfillment and joy. We are already born to this fantastic universe so let's make it a ride to remember. 


We are building a business that we can develop and manage from a computer anywhere in the world.  Have the time and money freedom so that we are able to spend our lives as we choose to. For us, freedom is the most important thing. No boss, alarm clock or chasing customers and budgets for someone else's business. And we will help other people and families do the same.


Engdahl-Torres Digital Entrepreneurs gets paid commission as consultants by recommending and reselling products and services they trust and use themselves from other companies.

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